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Handle Strap w/ring (pair) - Fitness Equipment

Handle Strap w/ring (pair) - Fitness Equipment

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Handle Strap w/ring (pair)

If you perform cable exercises with handle straps made of nylon material, your workout will be much more comfortable. With its comfortable molded rubber grip, it is a great way to add an appealing design and functionality to any adjustable gym bench. This helps to facilitate a better grasp, thereby increasing safety and comfort for gym users.

Exercises including handle straps for functional training are more advantageous. Compared to conventional metal handles, they offer more flexibility and comfort. The product is simpler to operate because they are lightweight and need less spinning. Add this fitness equipment to your collection today!


  • Heavy-duty steel D-Ring attachment
  • Provides a comfortable grip
  • Enhances stability and support
  • Perfect for most pulley cable machines
  • Long lasting nylon construction



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