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Flat/Incline Bench - Best Foldable Weight Bench

Flat/Incline Bench - Best Foldable Weight Bench

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A bench is an essential part of any gym. With our flat/incline bench, you can adjust the incline or flat at any angle. It was designed to be highly adjustable - from a flat to a fully upright position. The lack of a decline assures the backrest rests on the frame when in a flat position. The pad is placed on the frame for all heavy lifts to ensure stability.

With its multi-angled back pad and independent seat adjustment, the bench can be used for flat, incline, and upright bench press exercises. The seat adjusts from flat through five positions to a near-vertical 85-degree incline. This adjustable incline bench is constructed of steel tubing measuring 3 mm in thickness and features heavily bushed pivots to prevent backrest movement during heavy inclines. Buy this our Best Foldable Weight Bench Today!


This Flat to Incline Bench is the perfect free weight utility bench for upper body dumbbell exercises.

The multi-angled settings on the back pad with independent adjustment for seat allow for use as a flat bench, incline bench, and full upright bench press for military press exercises.

  • Main pad thickness is heavy duty at 3”
  • Adjusts from flat to 5 different degree angles
  • Rear wheels make for easy relocation
  • Bench can be neatly stored on its back end
  • Warranty - Lifetime welds, one year parts, 90 days on upholstery and grips


  • L-55" | W-28" | H-18"
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  • FPD-LKU-1210
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