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Isolation Series GR640 - MultiPress Diverse Machine

Isolation Series GR640 - MultiPress Diverse Machine

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The Body Kore Isolation Series GR640 MultiPress is a fantastic machine for users who want to build their upper body holder. It adds stylish design and practicality to any commercial gym home. In contrast to exercises using free weights, isolation establishes certain mechanics when carrying out a specified activity. A guided path is created by fluid movements, allowing for easy repeats. Natural Design's users should be able to swap between various isolation machines easily and safely by using it in a circuit.

The user can instantly change weight thanks to the system's simple weight adjustment. When performing presses from various angles, the versatile machine's 4 variable angle adjustments enable users to focus on the lower chest, mid-chest, upper chest, and shoulder muscles.  Add this MultiPress Diverse Machine to your cart before it sells out!


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