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Medicine Ball Rack (10) - Best Medicine Ball Rack

Medicine Ball Rack (10) - Best Medicine Ball Rack

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This impressive and affordable medicine ball rack keeps your gym floor space tidy. Constructed of heavy-duty welded steel, this rack holds up to 10 medicine balls weighing four to 30 lbs. Designed to save space in any fitness club or home gym. Because of its dual-sided, tree-like configuration, athletes can grab medicine balls from either side.

This commercial medicine ball rack keeps your equipment dust-free when you're finished working out - preventing tripping hazards caused by heavy medicine balls on the floor. Organize, protect, and access your medicine balls easily with this attractive and convenient double-sided rack. Get this best medicine ball rack now!

Medicine Ball Rack (10)


L-27.3″ | W-32″ | H-52.3″ | 31.97 lbs



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