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Olympic Shrug Bar - Olympic Hex Weight Bar

Olympic Shrug Bar - Olympic Hex Weight Bar

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Innovative elevated handles on the Olympic Shrug Bar make for a safer and easier workout. The OTB50RH's higher ends to make it simpler to pull this transfer bar off the ground and lessen stress on your hands and back when performing knees, weight training, sighs, and other exercises. When practicing shrugs, leg lifts, press ups, shoulder pushes, quads, and squats, the unique design eliminates contact with your upper thighs and front waist, allowing for a broader range of muscle function and soft tissue growth.

With our hex-shaped trap bars, you may add these Olympic Shrug outdoor gym bars to your home gym and exercise equipment collection. Use in a gym setting where your flooring is protected is advised.  Add this Olympic Hex Weight Bar to your cart.


Hex bar w/ 1.25″ hand grip which accommodates 2″ plates. Available in two sizes: 56" x 23" & 70" x 23"


  • Hex bar w/ 1.25″ hand grip.
  • Made of solid steel
  • Weight capacity is 1000 lbs.
  • Accommodates 2″ plates.


56" x 23" | 70" x 23"


FPD-LOB-1007-1 (56" x 23") | FPD-LOB-1007-2 (70" x 23")

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