Press Down Tricep Rope - Revolving Triceps Rope

Press Down Tricep Rope - Revolving Triceps Rope

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You can keep yourself in shape with the press down tricep rope - revolving triceps rope, a home gym essential that isolates triceps and abdominal muscles. Specifically designed to isolate the triceps, biceps and abs. The double rope design directly opposes the force applied, shaping itself perfectly to adapt to your grip position, which is impossible with standard solid bar attachments. This revolving triceps rope is manufactured to high-quality studio standards, making it the perfect addition to your home gym.

Due to the highly flexible nature of a rope, you can train specific muscle groups in a variable and targeted way. And it's not just for triceps - if you pull the rope from below, you can also work on your biceps. Additional exercises can focus on your back and chest. Click and order this revolving triceps rope right now!