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Squat Rack / Smith Machine - VFCR1701B

Squat Rack / Smith Machine - VFCR1701B

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Squat Rack / Smith Machine - VFCR1701B

Our BodyKore VFCR1701B Squat Rack / Smith Machine is an innovative counter-balanced commercial grade machine that is attachable to our Full Linx Rack Modular System. The counter-balanced smith machine counteracts the weight of the bar which allows you to lift the true weight of the weight plates you put on the bar without any extra math to factor in the weight of the bar.

Commercial grade Guide rails prove ultra-smooth and natural movement. The included Smith Machine bar features grip knurling for a solid–yet comfortable–feel. Re-rack your Smith bar with ease into any height position you need. Includes safe-lock and release mechanisms with safety catches so you can max out your training load without needing a spotter. 3 shelving trays included in the back to organize your space and an extended overhanging pull-up bar gives the system an added bodyweight training function.


  • High-grade stainless-steel hardware

    The Linx Rack uses high-grade stainless-steel hardware with polished bolts and nuts.

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Finish

    To ensure maximum adhesion and durability, the frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish.

  • 14 Mounting Points

    14 adjustable mounting points offer users easy adjustment to however high or low you prefer.

  • Comes with 3 shelving trays for uniform look

    Shelving trays give the Linx Rack a uniformed look. Organize your space by placing equipment onto the shelves rather than all over the gym floors.

  • Extended overhanging pull-up bar

    An extended overhanging pull-up bar gives the storage rack an added bodyweight training function.

  • Customizable headpiece

    Each station can be customized with your company’s logo on the headpiece.

  • Floor or wall mounted

    The Linx Rack can be floor mounted or wall mounted for the user’s preference.

82" x 63" x 94"


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